Disabled Women and Children  Project
Nepal Apangga Punarsthapana Kendra
Nepal Rehabilitation Centre (DRC)

It happened in Keronja, October 2004

Wij vonden Mangali bij de healthpost met een dikke voet

Origin of the building.

A young women, Mangali,  was taken to the Healthpost of Keronja in the Ganesh Himal. She had a swollen foot and the tissue of the big toe was dead, by gangrene.

Mangali was advised to travel to Kathmandu for treatment in a hospital.  However, she had no money and lived with her older brother in one of the few remaining huts below the village. She is 22 years and lost her father and mother when she was 10 years old. For the last three moths, she had not been able to help her brother taking in the barley harvest. They have only a few cows and live of trading goods, there is no money. Ke Garne. What to do?.

A decision was taken quickly and a few days later she was carried to Arughat/Dhading which took three days. From there she took the bus to kathmandu, traveling on a poor road.

Managali's leg was amputated to just below the knee and we paid for a year of staying in a home for disabled women. Here she would learn a profession and getting used to walking with an artificial leg.

An NGO in Nepal asked us to build a new home and training center for disabled woman as the ten women had a poor accommodation.

Together with the Dutch NGO Wilde Ganzen, a total a amount of Euro 70,000 was collected.

In 2006 the new building was opened. It also had space for 55 children of the DRC.

Together with DRC, we give computer, knitting and sewing training for women and children.There are now 25 women taking a course and 55 children stay in the building.

For more information, see www.sponsortrek.nl

Rob Kölber Chairman Sponsortrek Nepal

Kamergenote van Mangali in het project  Mangal (rechts)i herstelde spoedig

Other woman in the old project .                            Mangali (to the right) after the amputation.


stenen sjouwen voor de fundering    Makalu groep voert aktie voor de nieuwbouw  2e vedriepin in aanbouw
  After collecting money together with "Wilde Ganzen", we could  start the building very soon
  Opening Healthpost  Het gebouw is eindelijk klaar
                                                                 The building has been built in a for Nepal very short time, this thanks Tendy Sherpa Iceland Trekking! 

26 October 2006: Opening of the building by Mangali Gurung from Keronja, after amputation of her leg  she has a new life now and she gives
lessons in knitting to other disabled woman in the project and she is also cooking in the nice kitchen.      

actievoerders onderweg Island Peak met Ama Dablam Mangali opent het gebouw  

 breitraining25 vrouwen krijgen de breitraining 

nieuwe keuken en sanitair  De keuken Mangali in de keuken Pema Lama   
The building was big enough to adopt 55 children from the Disabled Rehabilitation Centre Nepal. This NGO gives lodging and training to about
50 disabled- and orphan kids. Now it is one project together with the woman.
We bought 6 computers and 6 sewing machines and the trainings are running very well!

Gehandicapten zijn beperkt in hun werkzaamheden, computerlessen zijn belangrijk  Dawa Sherpa geadopteerd door Mera Expedition 2008 

Mangali geeft breiles aand gehandicapte kinderen  Enkele vrouwen hebben door onze training al een baan!  
Training, training and training, very important!

For more information about the project, please see DRC